Form, Function & Flow... Frequently Asked Questions

Is it like Yoga or Pilates with exercises to do? No. The Alexander Technique is unlike anything that you have experienced before. The principles are portable & practical. They can be applied to all activities to improve quality and efficiency.

Will I be manipulated or massaged?  No. Alexander teachers teach both with verbal instruction and may use their hands in a unique, gentle way. Students remain fully clothed.

How many lessons do I need?  That depends on you. There is no set number. 8 to 10 lessons is a good start. You find improvements with each lesson. There is a discount if you take weekly lessons, 5 lessons for $350.  Another option is to attend group classes which start at $35 and have the added value of learning from observing others too.  Also see my Workshops & Events section for upcoming target group workshops.

Is Alexander recommended by the medical community?  Yes. Doctors have recommended it for over a 100 years. British Medical Journal research proved an 85% back pain reduction with lessons & that the Alexander Technique was the most cost effective method for treating back pain. Also, please see this link: Medical and Scientific Endorsements and Research

What about Work Wellness Programs? The Alexander Technique is an essential skill set for high-stress work environments. It is an affordable, practical solution to mitigate workers compensation costs and improve productivity.

Is there a spiritual/religious value system involved? No. The technique is not derived from a philosophy or belief system. It is a scientific discipline for attaining optimum human functioning.