This web site is designed for you to begin a discovery that will provide a lifelong benefit of human efficiency with form, function and flow.  Enjoy...

                        F O R M   F U N C T I O N    F L O W

                        F O R M   F U N C T I O N    F L O W

Here is a short video on whats it all about!

Very Exciting Research News!  The British Medical Journal reports about a Randomized controlled trial of Alexander technique lessons, exercise, and massage (ATEAM) for cost effective/long term results with chronic and recurrent back painRead about the research here and/or view the video above.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is human efficiency at its best.  It is a method for improving your freedom of movement, balance, coordination, and support.  Humans are designed to move with grace and ease whether you work at a computer, cut vegetables at a counter, dance, drive, run, sing, golf or garden. 

Over time because of habits, injuries and repetitive movements, tension and fatigue compromise the natural balance you were born with.  Through the Alexander Technique you will learn to release unnecessary tension patterns which often lead to neck, shoulder and back pain, postural problems, repetitive strain injuries, TMJ and even migraines. 

The Alexander Technique is the conservation of energy for human beings.”  - Marjorie Barstow

Who was Alexander?

F.M. Alexander was a Shakespearean actor with voice loss problems.  He decided to explore why.  In his exploration he discovered he had a common habit of pulling his head back and down, tightening the neck muscles, gasping for breath and shortening the back. His process of learning how to undo this habit has become known as The Alexander Technique. F.M. Alexander's principles have evolved into a significant body of knowledge that is taught to students by certified Alexander Technique Teachers around the world. 

What is a typical lesson?

Lessons are tailored to meet your needs and interests. You learn lifelong tools to optimize your natural poise and prevent pain or injuries. 
Through verbal instruction, visual materials, observation, and gentle hands-on guidance your kinesthetic sense becomes more informed with each lesson. You notice what habits may be causing you tension and pain, or interfering with your performance. 

You learn to notice your "Form" or structure. This allows better use of the whole self in relation to various daily tasks and thus improves your "Function" with sitting, standing, reaching, lifting, etc. When form and function work together there is "Flow" eliminating old patterns of compression, increasing joint flexibility, restoring natural coordination, promoting easier breathing, balance and poise. You gain ways to manage physical & mental stress by improving your Form, Function and Flow.