Form, Function & Flow... What People are Saying

Click here to read an article by Mike Bundrant, regarding his experience with The Alexander Technique from The Healthy Times in the February/March 2007, Volume 13
"In forty years of playing golf, The Alexander Technique with Christie Johnson, is the only thing that has given me tangible results in my game.  Improved swing follow through, consistent patterning and a significant shift in my golf scores are the results of lessons with Christie."  Charles J. Harder, Golf Pro Murrieta Golf Range & 2X Senior Pro Tour Player

“I felt like a bird that had been let out of a cage!  After my first lesson with Christie I felt a huge difference, I was actually ‘comfortable’ just sitting in the car again for the first time in six years.  I didn’t have to fidget every few minutes to find a comfortable spot.”  Lin F. - Screenwriter and Author

“I was in a car accident over 2 years ago. After 6 months of agonizing discomfort and pain, I went to see Christie. After just a few sessions my pain was gone. The chiropractor, massage therapist , and occupational therapy helped but didn’t make the pain go away for good. Christie helped me identify the areas in my body where I was holding the tension and pain from the accident. The tools and techniques that Christie taught me quite simply made the pain disappear. I now think of Christie every time I get in the car and drive … pain free since July 2006. Thank you Christie!”   Laura B. -  Small Business Solutions Owner

"As a golf instructor, I am constantly working with my students on balance. Golfers all have different tendencies for many different reasons to lose their balance during their swings. These 'snags' interrupt the integrity of the motion and destroy the player's alignments. The key to improving a golf swing is to educate the golfer about the movements to be made. Christie has the unique ability to educate someone about their own body and their individual high tension areas. With her help, a golfer can better understand how they can 'unlock' their bodies and gain freedom of movement. She is tremendously valuable to me and my students."  Cary Schoen, Golf Professional

“I never fully realized the effect body positions and movement have on releasing trapped tension until Christie introduced me to the Alexander Technique. What I read about the AT sounded exciting and promising but ‘experiencing’ the AT has helped me in ways I never imagined.  Christie is a highly skilled instructor who gently walks us through reclaiming ease in all that we do.  I no longer need to waste my life energy by holding onto tension.  Others have noticed the positive changes in me.  The AT is not a way of living; it is a way to regain life.”  Diana J. - Procurement Technician

"Having practiced yoga for over ten years, I thought I'd be able to adapt to the physical demands of new motherhood without falling prey to the common postural pitfalls; I was so wrong! Christie's biomechanical knowledge and ease of communication helped me learn to care for myself while caring for my baby. I walked out of our first session feeling lighter and with significantly less pain in my lowerback- after only one hour! Two sessions with Christie gave me tools I use every day (and night) to keep myself healthy and pain-free and my whole family is grateful!"  Rina - Mom and Yoga Instructor

“The Alexander Technique with Christie, brings forth harmony and balance in the mind, body, spirit and soul broadening ones perception of complete self awareness”  JulieAnne W. - Coach, Rehabilitation Therapist and World Champion Tri-athlete

"After having had four back surgeries, resulting in a multi-level spinal bone fusion with metal rods, I was not only in constant pain, but I was holding onto tension in my entire body.  These created range-of   motion problems in my knees, hips, and shoulders, as well as in my body as an entire entity. Christie introduced the Alexander Technique to me, re-educating both my body AND my mind, reminding me of my own inherent sense of my body's movement as a complete, interacting, unit.  As a result of the Alexander Technique, I have been able to let go of old habits of behavior and movement, and have learned how to move my body in a holistic & kinesthetic way, disengaging bodily tensions, balancing my coordination in such a way that I now am able to flow through my daily activities without 'excess effort', without 'pain' and with freedom of movement throughout my spine, knees, shoulders and my body as a whole.  The Alexander Technique has also helped me with meditation, Tai Chi practice and swimming, and has also offered solutions for correcting my posture, walking, sitting, and sleeping behaviors, all of which allowed me to let go of excess tension and pain within my body.  Christie and the Alexander Technique has touched every part of my daily life, changed how I relate to my body, and has enabled me to accept responsibility for my own 'self'.  I am both appreciative and thankful for the experience." Sierra G. - Animal Care Specialist

"Christie has de-mystified the Alexander technique for me.  Effortlessness and ease of motion are two of my watch words since working with Christie."  Susan G. - Data Processor


"I played golf with my husband yesterday, and shot my personal best.  He said he isn't playing with me anymore until my handicap comes down because I was playing so well that is isn't fair to bet with me.  I won all the bets - and he said he didn't recognize the golfer he was playing with.  THANKS, CHRISTIE...."   Carol N - Very Happy Golfer

“After years of trying to ‘stand up straight and walk right,’ Christie quickly helped me experience how much energy I was wasting trying to ‘correct’ my body rather than simply allowing myself to release into what is natural for me.  I now enjoy much more freedom and ease of movement. If I begin to feel fatigue or pain, I remember to notice where I might be compressing and Viola! I'm relieved and restored.  Walking is the extent of my exercising, but I certainly can imagine how incredibly beneficial this work would be for athletes and/or people who use their bodies in their work or their art.”  Nancy Slocum, Life Coach

“I left the one hour lesson with Christie more relaxed than as if I had had a total body massage.”  Lori O. - Marketing Specialist

"I became aware of the Alexander Technique through Christie Johnson during the fall of 2007. As owner of Temecula Valley Golf School, I am always open ways to add value to our instruction, such as fitness and relaxation techniques. Christie demonstrated her technique on one of our instructors and myself, and we were both amazed at the results. In Golf, as in other sports, ability to relax your muscles prior to the physical action is essential to achieving peak performance. Not only did we see great results almost immediately, but, after referring several students to Christie, they realized similar results. As a plus, the techniques I have learned have improved my posture, given me more physical energy and allowed me to sleep better. I continue to benefit from this very positive experience, as do those whom I have referred."  Bill Seltzer, President and Founder, Temecula Valley Golf School

“The Alexander Technique challenges the finiteness of my being. I am open to more space, bounty of life and not locked in.”  Kay W. - CranioSacral Therapist

"I came to Christie hoping to improve my stage presence and voice.  I was delightfully surprised that not only did it help with these part time interests; it also helped me be more present, efficient and productive in my day job as I interact with over one hundred employees."  Mike P. - Contractor and Community Actor