Form, Function & Flow... Frequently Asked Questions

Is it like Yoga or Pilates with exercises to do? No. The Alexander Technique is an educational approach to improving functional patterns of movement during everyday tasks. The principles are portable & practical. They can be applied to all activities to improve quality and efficiency.

Will I be manipulated or massaged?  No. Alexander teachers teach both with verbal instruction and may use their hands in a unique, gentle way. Students remain fully clothed.

How many lessons do I need?  That depends on you. There is no set number. 8 to 10 lessons is a good start. You find improvements with each lesson. There is a discount if you take weekly lessons, 5 lessons for $350. Another option is group classes. These can be customized and scheduled on location of your target interest group.

Is Alexander recommended by the medical community?  Yes. Doctors have recommended it for over a 100 years. British Medical Journal research noted an 85% back pain reduction with lessons & that the Alexander Technique was the most cost effective method for treating back pain. Please see this link for further details: Medical and Scientific Endorsements and Research

What about Work Wellness Programs? The Alexander Technique is an essential skill set for high-stress work environments. It is an affordable, practical option to potentially mitigate workers compensation costs and improve productivity.

Is there a spiritual/religious value system involved? No. The technique is not derived from a philosophy or belief system. It is a scientific discipline for attaining optimum human functioning.