Form, Function & Flow... "AT" Links for new discoveries

  • Alexander Technique This is a "Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique".
  • Alexander Technique International  This site offers a list of world-wide workshops and events, articles, books and other resources.  It also includes ATI's Professional Standards, Bylaws and Code of Ethics.
  • The Alexander Alliance  I've had the unique experience of visiting and attending several workshops with Bruce Fertman and the Alexander Alliance and look forward to future experiences with them too.   
  • The Performance School This site is designed by my core group of teachers and offers many learning activities and a plethora of study opportunities for those wanting to learn more about the dynamic world of The Alexander Technique.   
  • Looking for further healthy resources?  There are many more at AltMD - a site to search for information on alternative modalities.
  • My blog can be found on that site here.  Is a non-profit organization committed to maintaining poise throughout all stages and challenges of life through the principles of Alexander Technique (AT).  Their current initiative Alexander Technique for Parkinson's offers adaptive Alexander-based programs to show People Living with Parkinson's how to actively choose and use functional patterns that promote optimal postural tone, increasing their ability for self-management of their physical symptoms and enhancing their independence and overall quality of life.